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Strategy Tips
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:48:18 AM »
Hi, I've been playing this game for probably about 10 years, yet still haven't really mastered it.  I've never won a top division or even a tournament.

Back in the early days I used to have spreadsheets for how my teams were doing although that was more to do with collating the results rather than testing the strategy.
Over the years I've probably been more of an observer rather than a committed contributor. I really got in Cricket Manager for years & was gutted when they was dropped.
There used to loads of threads on here about tips to work out the game, but they all seem to have gone now.  Maybe they're not relevant anymore.  I would expect catgames tweak the game to keep us all on our toes.
Would people be willing to share ideas?

I've picked up some tips from reading various threads and whenever someone asks for advice as to why they lost a game, there are plenty of people willing to suggest why.
I've only recently come across people making 3 subs at 1min or 15min. I've no idea why this is important & can't be certain it's making much difference but some people seem to be adopting it.

Has the training changed?  I still go with 4 x corners and 4 x jogging.  Is this still the best way to go?

I appreciate some might not want to share their tips in case they start losing matches against more clued up opponents, but I still believe the strength of this game is the community within it.

I've looked in this strategy tips thread and most of the info is posted years ago and surely not all of it still applies. Or does it?

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Re: Strategy Tips
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 11:03:34 AM »
I'm not sure why the subs thing works deeb but it definately makes a difference. I started a second team about 2 seasons ago and didn't use any for a while to see how I'd do, then started using them to see if there was a difference and tbh it was shocking how much better I was doing using them.

I can't explain it in any depth but one thing I know is that when using them there's no risk of an out of position sub replacing an injured player, and when you get an injury it doesn't affect the result. A serious injury sometimes does but not always from my experience. (But I'm no expert on how they work exactly)

To make sure you don't run the risk of a sub going into a wrong position you need a gk and an anyside defender, midfielder and striker if you play more than 1 upfront. You can only choose 5 subs and use 3 so it's impossible to cover every position with left and right defenders, midfielders, strikers and a goalkeeper. Obviously the anyside players can be hard to come by so using three subs when you can't cover your team properly with suitable subs would make complete sense. If you can cover them properly then you should do just as well without using the subs (in theory) but I'm still trying to work it out at the moment.

I will post some examples of how the three subs seems to help but it's a hard thing to explain exactly why it works, hopefully I can one day lol

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Re: Strategy Tips
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Thanks, del :)