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Hi All,

Please find below the Sunday League Official Rankings up to and including the completion of season 173, and past history from Season 116.

Note: Any manager that may have changed their team name without letting me know could lose all their ranking points, so please keep me posted if changing team name.

Note: I've included the past history for the last 58 seasons, from Season 116 to 173, for Conference Winners, ICC, Winners, EC Winners, & CS Winners. I'll keep this updated as we progress for future seasons.

Note: The ranking points criteria is as below.

Ranking points Criteria.

Conference Winner - 16 points
Conference Runner Up - 10 points
Conference Third - 6 points.
Conference Fourth - 2 points.

Inter Conference Cup, Elite Cup & Champions Shield.

Winner - 16 points
Runner Up - 10 points
Semi Finals - 6 points.
Quarter Finals - 2 points.

Manager of the season based on total ranking points was Conference 1's "Super Imps" with 36 Ranking points - Conference 1 Second Place = 10 points + Champions Shield Winner = 16 points + Inter-Conference Cup Runner Up = 10 points, Total = 36 points. Congratulations on a Great season Rich!!!

Interesting Sunday League Conference & Ranking Event Stats.

Conference 1 - Nanosoft are the new Champions.

Conference 2 - Walpoles Wipeouts are the new Champions.

Conference 3 - Satin Storm are the new Champions.

Conference 4 - Floriana FC are the Champions for the second season in succession.

Conference 5 - The Seg are the new Champions.

Conference 6 - Acorn Raiders are the new Champions.

Conference 7 - The Borg are the Champions for the fifth season in succession.

Conference 8 - Purple Gelato are the new Champions.

Champions Shield - Super Imps are the new Champions.

Elite Cup - Nanosoft are the new Champions.

Inter-Conference Cup - Old Fullerians AFC are the new Champions.

Top 65 Ranked Teams...Based on the last 3 seasons ranking points (All teams that have earned points in the last 3 seasons).

Top 47 Ranked Teams All Seasons...., Note: C = Conference, CS = Champions Shield, EC = Elite Cup, IC = Inter Conference Cup

Super Stats.....All Seasons - Note: Updates in Red. might need to scroll to the right

Conference Tables Finishing Positions.

Major Cup Results....From Quarter-Finals

Past History Seasons 116 to 173 (58 Seasons)

Good luck all for the up & coming Season 174,

Best Regards

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Re: Sunday League Official Rankings - After Completion of Season 173
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Thanks Deca - I think people are struggling to get onto the forum but this is excellent as always.
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